Endorsed by

Ali Clabburn
founder and ceo, Liftshare
Antonin Léonard
global connector, OuiShare
Arnoldas Zvinys
chief marketing officer, Trustribe
Bill Ottman
co-creator, Minds
Cristóbal Gracia
events connector, OuiShare
co-founder, Favorece
Daniel Harris
managing director, Freewheelers
Dorotea Mar
Drummond Gilbert
founder, goCarShare
elf Pavlik
hacker, hackers4peace
Francesca Pick
magazine co-editor and event connector, OuiShare
Fred Caballero
founder, Bizpora
Henry Story
apache contributor, Linked Data Platform
cto, Stample
chair, WebID
Juho Makkonen
co-founder and ceo, Sharetribe
Kasper Souren
evangelist, BeWelcome
founder, Hitchwiki
founder, Trashwiki
Larky Light
founder, Noomap
Mike Macgirvin
coordinator, Friendica
coordinator, Friendica Red
Neal Gorenflo
co-founder, Shareable
Robertas Visinskis
founder and product developer, Trustribe
Sachin Patel
collaborator, The People Who Share
uk community manager, BlaBlaCar
Sandy Hoover
evangelist, Kendra Initiaitive
Sean Tilley
community manager, Diaspora
slave, Ampify
Timmy Wahba
co-founder, Projective Space