V2RF (Vision to Reality Foundation) is a technology fund enabling networks (social, sharing and crowd sourcing) to adopt open protocols fostering interoperability that will generate more robust and more scalable marketplaces. V2RF is fostering an ecosystem of technology projects that will collaborate on developing solutions that will assist us all in realising our highest visions for ourselves, our communities and our world.

V2RF is seeking to raise 100M GBP (~ 160M USD) in funding to start a 3 year project working with hundreds of cutting edge technology projects to build this ecosystem. V2RF is approaching philanthropic funding individuals and organisations and technology projects that are interested in collaborating in this effort.

There are a plethora of social, sharing and crowd sourcing networks on the Internet. Many of these networks provide amazing tools to assist people to organise and create. However, many users, who want to connect and interact with their friends and colleagues, are frustrated and hampered by the "walled garden" effect that some networks tend to exhibit.

Here's what users are saying: "If I make a offer to share a car journey on this network none of the other networks can see it", "I shouldn't need a third party to say that you are my friend", "I don't want to have to add you as a friend every time we meet in a new network", "I want to keep all my messages in one place", "I want to be able to see what my friends are doing on all networks in one go", "I want this to be as easy as email" and the list is almost endless. We are wasting our collective time jumping through hoops when we don't have time to waste – we need to be more efficient to solve our current problems. We need better tools.

The opportunity, which is more of an imperative, given the current economic, political, social and environmental situation throughout the world, is to make our social, sharing and crowd sourcing networks be more federated, peer-to-peer and decentralised in their nature. Such networks empower individuals and communities to be creative, dynamic and fluid in the responses to creating their highest visions. They lead to more robust democracy and a more dynamic project-based approach to working. They lead to a richer, fuller, more sustainable, more anonymous life for everyone.

What we essential want is for all these services to "interoperate", to share data and interact, so that we can carry our personal data (friends, pictures, likes, events, etc) around with us no matter where we are. Notice how any email service or client can message any other email service or client? Notice how any website can be viewed by any browser on any operating system? This magic happens because we have understood ways of communicating called "protocols".

Having amazing protocols is one part of the problem. Getting networks to adopt them is another. Getting users to migrate is yet another. No one protocol or network is going to "win". We don't have the luxury of time to sit back and just see "how this will all play out". The V2RF ecosystem will essentially be a matrix of social, sharing and crowd sourcing networks interoperating with protocols. We'll be able to visualise and track how networks are interacting with each other – and how us as users are able to create with less effort. As users we will demand and test functionality. But this time, we will get what we want, because we're paying for it.

The concept for V2RF arose out of many interactions and dialogues between Daniel Harris and William Graham Stewart, particularly in Sant Cugat and Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain. Annedien Hoen, currently based in Leiden, Netherlands, was also vital in her contributions.

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